The Effects of War on Society

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How is the subject of war perceived through a historical point of view? John Wilson approaches the question of whether the subject of war is an important influence in his work And in the Morning. Wilson proficiently demonstrates the influential importance of the subject of war by addressing the historical perspective in his novel. The most considerable effects from war are to an individual, it can change how a person thinks as shown in Wilson's work. Many soldiers experience dramatic events in their life which they cannot handle mentally and sometimes physically as portrayed in Wilson's work. As one of the main characters in the novel, Jim Hay experience a traumatic event, where he nearly loses his mind and starts hallucinating when he says, “The black dog is back, I slept and he returned, but this time the dream finished” (Wilson 184). The character, Jim was not mentally prepared to handle his best friend’s death, and thus slowly losing his mind, clearly showing the effects of war on soldiers. Just as how many people are not mentally prepared for traumatic events, people can be swept up in the war itself and be completely blind to the consequences. As stated by CM Magazine “Hay’s experience allows the reader to understand how someone could be swept up in a war frenzy, and then kept in a state of continuing uncertainty” (Gregor). The article demonstrates how both the reader and the character itself can portray how one can think they know where they are, but in reality,
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