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Liberia’s 2017 election is set to be the first democratic transfer of power in decades (Pailey 2017). The election came after Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former president, was unable to run because of constitutionally mandated term limits. The pool of candidates shrunk from over one thousand to three top candidates recently, with the runoff election being postponed for the time being. The three candidates to remain are George Weah, of Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change, Joseph Boakai, Vice President, and Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party. In the first vote, Weah received 39 percent of the vote, Boakai 29 percent, and Brumskine 10 percent. Candidates need over 50 percent to win in the first round, thus the run off. Weah is a popular…show more content…
Brumskine’s party goals include creating jobs, investing in infrastructure, reconciling the people, ensuring the rule of law, and fighting corruption (Liberty Party Liberia 2017). The issues the people of Liberia are voting on are highly connected to the study of contemporary African politics. A cornerstone of African politics is the history it is built on. The country of Liberia is still impacted by past colonial rule, civil war, and poor governance. All of these are common for countries in Africa. A second important African election comes in the country of Rwanda. President Paul Kagame recently won a third, seven-year term. He won with a 99 percent margin of victory (Baddorf 2017). His opponent was Frank Habineza, of the Democratic Green Party. Habineza placed importance in environmental protections and allowing freedom of expression (afp 2017). Kagame’s platform, though sparse, vowed to strengthen the economy. Kagame’s victory is tied to contemporary study of African politics in many ways. Kagame is an excellent example of a leader whose personality has won him elections, resulting in elections for cult of personality rather than policy. Kagame is credited with assisting in ending the Rwandan genocide by leading rebel forces (Baddorf 2017). Further, the international community supports Kagame as he brought the country to stability after the

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