Essay on The Embodiment of Suspense in Soccer

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I cannot exactly place my reasoning, yet it still captivates me nonetheless. Soccer, or football, as most of the world knows it, stands out—at least to me—from virtually all sports. My opinion may be biased after a decade of playing, but there is a good reason I stuck with it for so long. While playing, I found myself to become so impassioned with not just the obvious, drawn-out goals of the game, but also with the paralyzing suspense present in no other sport quite as it is in soccer. I find it to be equally as exciting play as it is to behold. Seeing how one minute movement can completely change the outcome of the game is a marvel even to witness, let alone play. You almost cannot afford to look away, as every match is both …show more content…

However, during my warm-ups and exercise, my nervousness began to clear. The familiarity of the whole process worked to calm and comfort me. A renewed sense of confidence washed over me, only just in time for the kick-off. Matches are the focal point of the sport, the release of built-up willpower, tension, and training in a dizzying ensemble. They are what the herds of raucous and anxious spectators come to watch, and what newscasters and television channels come to capture for millions to see. However, they are but a fraction of the bigger picture. In preparation of an average game, we would practice on average five times for a few hours each. And that was just at a more amateur level. At the professional level of soccer, players practice multiple times a day, nearly every day. It is where skills pertinent to winning are gained and how the necessary physique needed to perform physically is maintained. Albeit, this is not the only important aspect of practicing. Bonds are formed among players as well as between players and coaches. Mutual respect and trust are forged, which are just as crucial to have as kinetic training or equipment. Soccer is a team sport, one in which you will not get far without working as such. Teammates, much like warriors and soldiers, must have absolute trust and confidence in their peers. They must be wise and selfless, knowing when to pass the ball or make the shot themselves, or

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