The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building is located on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets in Midtown Manhattan in New York City and it was built by three people named, Shreve, Lamb, & Harmon. There are 102 floors and it stands 1,250 feet high and it was built on March 17th, 1930. It was built to compete against the Walter Chrysler to see which is taller and it’s a tourist attraction. The biome it’s in is called the Deciduous Forest, and the coordinates are 40.7484° N, 73.9857° W. The average annual temperature is 48°F, the average temperature is 55.15°F, and the seasonal precipitation is rainfall it is 46.23 inches. The plants you may find there are the American Beech, Lady Fern, Northern Arrowwood, Tawny Milkcap Mushroom, White Birch, and

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