The Employment Of Social Workers

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Finding a job in this field should be relatively easy. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the employment of social workers is projected to grow around 12 percent from 2014- 2024. This growth is much faster than most other occupations. The increased demand for social services and health care will lead to the employment growth. Social workers can be employed in almost any setting. State institutes focus on cases that deal with abuse or foster care ("Your Guide for Becoming a Social Worker in 2017" ,2017,p.14 ). These are also the lowest paid position a social worker can get. School districts is the one of the largest employers to date. Social workers are usually needed to help handle special education cases along with …show more content…

Social work positions are often full-time and come with full benefits (“ U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017,p.1). Senior social workers are allowed to have a self directed schedule along with it being super flexible. They can choose how and when to attend to their cases and will allowed to work by themselves without any direct supervision. What do social workers actually do? what does their job consist of? Social workers work with people and their families to help support them through the many difficult times they may have and to ensure that the vulnerable people in the situation are removed from any harm. Their role is to provide support and help improve peoples lives to the best of their ability. They have to use their professional judgment to make vast, quick and tough decisions that isn’t always well received by the people they are trying to help ( "Your Guide for Becoming a Social Worker in 2017",2017, p.8). These roles can be very challenging and have the potential to get media attention which can be negative for the family, social worker and whole institution. Due to that, the government is putting more measures to support and develop a strong workforce for the many social workers and to help them feel as comfortable as possible. Qualified social workers can also work alongside a social work assistant who they work closely with. They can work in a statutory and

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