Health and Human Services Essay

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Health and Human Services Social Work is growing now a day due because of poverty, which is why there is a big demand for social workers. It is a very dedicated job and stressful at the same time. Social work is for people who want to help people, also because of all the clients you ended up having some of the client’s do not appreciate what you are doing for them and get violent start threaten you, or getting physical. Some social workers have so much work that they even have to work weekends and night hour’s just to catch up with the work load. They do get lots of clients so there is lots of work to be done, these is another reason why is very stressful job. …show more content…

The role will vary from working at a home to managing adoption, foster care process, helping children at school with problems or facing problems due to an illness in the family. Social workers are highly qualified people every social worker has to hold a professional qualification in social work, either a three year degree of a two year master’s. A social worker can also work with elderly clients since we all get old but as our population grows we need more gerontological (the branch of science that deals with aging and the problems of aged person). Social workers work with active healthy older adults and also with the ones that are ill weather they are in a day care, nursing homes to mental health centers. There are a number of older adults with heart failure (HP) and need more information about how to cope with this condition. Since the results suggest that people with HP faces many challenges, like formal health care system, life disruption, social isolation, symptoms and uncertain about the prognosis and symptoms’ also include dealing with dying process. Social workers give the most important link with seniors and services designed to help them and their families with the arrangements of assisted-living, caregiver support, and long term care. Social

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