The End Of The Second World War

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Explain why you agree or disagree with the view that by the end of the Second World War the US had developed into a superpower. In the USA after World War 1 ended in 1918 there was a new hope and optimism which was an inevitable reaction to war as people look for a better life. The first world war created a surge of energy and ambition in the nation more so than in any other nation in the world. This new found energy was created by the industrial power increased from government encouragement as well as the introduction of mass production which gave cheaper consumer goods and so helped lead into the American dream. The American dream was also helped by the increase of wages which meant that they had more money to spend on creating the dream American home and lifestyle, this extra money meant that they could also have more freedom leading to the era being known as the Era of Jazz, which also challenged the traditional patterns that had been brought through from small towns. In 1921 after the Wall Street Crash the few things that the government did well are that they set up the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1932 to loan money to private corporation and then a wider range of community loans were offered in the Glass-Seagall Act while finally there were also cheaper home mortgages offered in the Federal Home Loan Bank Act. The final Act that was created in 1932 was the Emergency relief and Construction Act that gave relief money to states for federal and local public

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