The Enforcement Of Gender Roles Are Not Only Between Man And Women

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In the 21st century, the enforcement of gender roles are not only between man and women, but also women and women. Long story short, my husband is ten years older than me and grew up in a privileged environment. In contrast, I grew up in a low income family, and I don 't make a six figure salary. Hence, I felt that every time I hang out with my husband’s friends or family, I don’t fit in, or don 't have much talk about. For example, one incident, one of his friend’s wife, Doan Vu said to me, “ you are pathetic, lazy girl can 't even speak English. You need to go take some ESL classes to learn some English because I can 't understand a thing you said.” because I was so mad the fact that all the other boys were having fun and are getting a little loud, and she said it to my husband “ you getting loud”. Doan is working at Stanford as financial analyst, I was just a housewife. She judged me as a housewife doesn 't pay the bills. Does working women have more respect than housewives. Unfortunately yes, working women do get more respect than housewives. Many people think it 's easy to stay at home all day and watch the children and take care of all the things around the house, however, being housewife just like any typical job. People assume that because a stay at home mom isn 't contributing to the family 's. As a result, Doan felt more superior to talk to me that way which felt condescended to me. “I am thankful for all difficult people in my life, they have shown me exactly who
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