The Engineer Of The Human Soul

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In the words of Joseph Stalin, “the writer is the engineer of the human soul”. Dean’s career choices as a child would always be fluctuating: he never legitimately made up his mind, but it changed with each passing phase of interest in his life. Paleontology, marine biology, astronomy. Most of Dean’s hobbies and interests were sciences. It wasn’t until a few years ago that he realized what he wanted to do: write the perfect novel. When Dean would read books, he would always hate the endings; they weren’t clear enough, didn’t have enough characters, etc. His mission in life from then on was to write the perfect novel. Of course, perfect is an imperfect word, but still. There is a theory he has: that terribly written books are single works for a reason, and beautifully written books become a series with an empire of followers because they’re flawless to somebody… and that somebody has a legion of friends. The career of an author is a competitive one, on account of the number of novelists. It’s an ever-changing world, with interests just as mercurial (though dystopian futures seem to crop up again and again). The history of writing is an odd one; it has no real origin. Millennia ago, pictographs were used to indicate concepts involving agriculture, much like a farming manual written on walls. Otherwise, it was used for economic purposes, being used primarily in math calculations, since different cultures didn’t always have one single form of currency. Keeping historical
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