The English Renaissance

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ostracize and scoff at people who failed to exhibit their narrow definition of ‘appropriateness’(Foldy). Aestheticism, more liberal and welcoming, was the main contributor to the downfall of the Victorian era because it combated Victorian exclusivity and embraced expression. A major direct impact of the aesthetic movement was spurred feminism. People invested in more elaborate and bold furnishings for their lives and homes, and boundaries were expanded to give women more freedom, causing them to have a lesser presence of constriction and more of activity and frivolity (Brookes). This breaking of Victorian control through the aesthetic movement made way for the notion of personal fulfillment as a viable-directed pursuit such as choosing to marry beyond social appropriateness and functionality. Additionally, Wilde’s aesthetically-inspired infectious phrases increased the involvement of the media and thus the eventual commercialization of arts and expression (Grech). Wilde was the poster-child of the men of the new aesthetic movement (Adut); “The men of the movement were wispy, narcissistic and solipsistic.”(Anderson). Wilde paraded on the indulgence of male beauty and that in the countered-face of Victorianism he acted vain and pretentious according to Himmelfarb, Wilde would not deny this but rather flaunt his vanity. This vanity coupled with his homosexuality made Wilde quite indiscrete. There is no denying that the aesthetes, (a person who affects and shapes the

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