The Environmental Effect Of Deprivation

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What are pesticides? Pesticides are substances used to kill pests that are found on many of the crops such as fruits and vegetables that heterotrophs ingest. As Americans, one should be aware of the consequences caused by those harsh chemicals found in pesticides. Honeybees are one of the main insects responsible for production of over half of the food we digest. In Vanishing of the bees, the documentary examines the sudden departure of honeybees when the agriculture business had a crisis because a condition known as Colony Collapse Disorder took full effect and killed billions of bees. While in “Vanishing Biodiversity”, Karaim discusses the loss in biodiversity conservation on farms. Both sources deal with the disappearance in species. Although pesticides main use is to kill pests that destroy food crops and is the cause of loss in biodiversity, farmers should minimize their practical use of pesticides to protect the ecosystem. The environmental effect of deprivation of biodiversity is a common concern because of the important roles they encounter such as the regulation of crop eating pests, who’s affecting the entire biosphere. The majority of plants and animals that functions together to fulfill life are shrinking. (Karaim). It is believed that pesticides may have provoked the loss in biodiversity. These flora and animals includes large industrial plants and animals such as lions and rhinoceroses to smaller creatures like insects and honeybees. (Karaim). In a country
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