The Epic Of Beowulf By Beowulf

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People throughout the world practice a variety of religions. Some religions are more popular than others such as Buddhism versus Jainism. Religions tend to spread within a society and then die back down. However, there are still people amongst us who believe or may even still practice archaic religions. Some religions date back to 700 A.D such as Christianity and paganism. Over the course of hundreds of years both religions have evolved. Throughout different works of literature, people are able to understand the original aspects of these different religions. Due to the construction of this Beowulf, students and professors are able to study and get a true understanding of a pagans’ demeanor and how life evolves through their eyes. Throughout the epic poem Beowulf, paganism is exemplified as this epic hero falls victim to fate while embarking on his journey through life fighting monsters and chasing after his fame.
To begin with, Beowulf was composed in Old English by an anonymous writer between the sixth and seventh century, and it is known for portraying the emergence of the Anglo-Saxons and their way of life. Adams David Leeming, author of “The Anglo-Saxons 449-1066”, stated that the island of Great Britain, secluded from the European continent, seemed perfect for the birth of legends, poets, and the belief in elves due to its rain-drenched and almost always fogged weather. This type of weather is ideal for such stories involving heroes and legends. This island has been

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