The Epic Of Gilgamesh As A Epic Hero

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Throughout history mankind been searching for immortality, to live forever and not be able to fear death ever in life. While human beings are always searching for answers and looking at their failures has a downfall instead of a tool. A four-thousand-year-old narrative in the Mesopotamian era about a long-ago king name Gilgamesh, a historical king that was two thirds god/divine and one third human because of his mortality. Just like any human being growing up in today’s world you go through exceptional trials, Gilgamesh went through many obstacles which he succeeded on his own and with the help of his dearest friend Enkidu. For all the test and trials Gilgamesh endured, it shows that he passes them and gains knowledge from all these experiences and still becomes Uruk hero.
The Epic of Gilgamesh opens up by telling us a story with the coming of Enkidu, Gilgamesh a young boy that terrorizes his home and has no compassion for his people, lashing out his immaturity. The gods create an equal out of clay name Enkidu, where Gilgamesh and Enkidu travel and go through challenges where they encounter creatures, kings and god/goddess and also provides moral to the story of human relationships such a love and fear of the death. The trials that Gilgamesh went through were all accomplishments in the end game, at the time they could’ve been interpreted as failures but every trail Gilgamesh accepted were all merely lessons about life and growth. Gilgamesh was a hero because of his great

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