The Epidemic Facing The Homeless And Mentally Ill

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The Epidemic Facing the Homeless and Mentally Ill
Have you ever wondered what happens to war vets when they return home from the front lines? Some of the outcomes are not as happy as most people would like them to be. War veterans that survive come home with Mental Illnesses and other issues. Many war veterans end up homeless because of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and some are even living with the homeless men and women at shelters because they cannot receive the help they need from the government. In a study from a Research Brief in 2012, “Veteran and non-veteran participants were compared in a nationally-supported housing initiative for chronically homeless adults. Veterans were not found to be at increased risk for adverse outcomes once …show more content…

To follow with medical assistance, the 2012 Research Brief stated that “After entering the program and obtaining housing, veterans and non-veterans both decreased their use of outpatient and inpatient health services. Only half of veteran participants reported using the VA for medical services and less than one-fifth reported using VA psychiatric or substance abuse services. Veterans often use the services of community providers, therefore the VA should continue to work with community provider to serve homeless veterans.” Housing is another issue that seems to make headlines; War veterans that come home do not always get jobs which cause delays on payments on their houses which results in foreclosures on their homes because they cannot afford the payments. Healthcare plays an important part in life, especially for the ones who need it most such as veterans. If veterans cannot receive the medical help they need they will end up getting very sick and will start dying. In a study by the Northeast Program Evaluation Center, Department of Veterans Affairs and Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, “This study directly compared mortality risk in homeless and

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