The Epidemic Of Hiv And Aids

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The first determinant of health related to African American female population in the 19132 zip code pertains to policies. Polices for this population include providing access to health care, HIV testing and syringe services programs. The Office of HIV Planning in Philadelphia focuses on the needs of the population, conducts community outreaches and educational sessions. As previously stated, 32 state Medicaid programs reimburse for routine HIV screening of adults aged 15-65 years, regardless of risk. This policy allows for individuals to more likely participate in this screening process. HIV testing can be done through health care professionals offices or clinics. Other programs such as AIDS Fund and AVERTing HIV and AIDS provide information on locations on where testing can be done. AVERTing HIV and AIDS also provides information on Needle and Syringe Programs that are available in the community.
Next, a major factor that targets African American females who are at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS includes societal norms, culture and values. Unfortunately, a stigma associated with HIV includes being viewed as participating in a shameful manner. Being HIV positive is also associated with the belief of bad behaviors and poor decision-making. Also being labeled as an individual who engages in a lot of sexual activity and drug abuse. In addition, women hold a lower status in society than men. Men are more likely to have views of being above their partner or women in

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