Essay about The Extinction of the American Middle Class

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The largest group in America is facing extinction. We are talking of course about the American middle class. In 1971 the American middle class population was 36% higher than the population of the lower class. However, today the middle class population is now only 22% higher than the lower class (McDill). This is only a 14% drop spread over 44 years. The major issue here is that while the middle class shrinks, the upper and lower classes are growing. Financial experts believe that soon the middle class will become nonexistent and America will be divided into two extremes, poverty and wealth. This issue has become so severe that the United States government has stepped in and created a “middle class task force” passed as part of the …show more content…

This means that an income should operate in a way that rewards people who work more hours with more money. However, today people work more hours than ever before but are making less every hour. The only time period that rivals this low of pay for the middle class is during the Great Depression. The government’s solution to this problem is to create “New Deal” style programs with tax exceptions, and to create jobs to aid the middle class. These programs to aid the middle class require money that the government does not have. To create the necessary funds needed to operate the “Stimulus Package,” the government levied high taxation on corporations. However, this had the opposite result. The high taxation placed on large corporations took away jobs from the American middle class(Kent McDill). Middle class jobs are slowly bleeding out of America. The high taxation, along with strict corporate regulations are taking middle class jobs out of America and forcing corporations to take a different route for employees. Specifically, mechanical workers are taking over the jobs that the middle class traditionally performed(Adam Davidson). The job brake down in America traditionally went upper, middle and lower class jobs. Highly educated and talented individuals normally perform the upper class jobs. Since they perform skilled jobs that most cannot do, they are paid the most. Next come the middle class jobs,

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