The Epidemiologist In Clinical Research

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Good evening Classmates and Dr. T.,
In Healthcare and with law, there is always change taking place because they are both fields that work closely with people, and both involve the safety, and health of others. People and societies change, therefore, it is only logical for policy makers and healthcare workers to always stay informed.
Therefore it is very important that epidemiologist, healthcare workers, and law-makers to remain informed. According to Gordis (2014), Thus, the epidemiologist must serve as an educator as well as a researcher. The epidemiologist's educational efforts are directed at many target populations, including other scientists, other health professionals, legislators, policy makers, lawyers, judges, and the public. Each group must be dealt with differently, depending on its specific needs and on the objectives toward which the educational effort is directed (Para 5). …show more content…

This event gave power and gave a voice to patients who are being treated, surveillance, or participating any human involvement of clinical research, or any investigations. The policy was in acted to protect the rights and welfare of human subjected involved in an investigation or clinical research studies. According to Sparks (2002), Status: U.S. policy, Description:, All human subject research requires independent prior review. Origin of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) Para 13). This U.S. Policy created guidelines for informed and

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