The Era Of Alcohol Restriction

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First Come, First Serve
A problem that has faced the United States for years is the governments understanding of power and the ability to spread it efficiently. The United States government focus is to build the nation based on its own people’s motives. Even with redouble, it continues to do so by battling through incomplete information, commitment problems, and indivisibility.

Lack of knowledge or basic understanding of a topic will easily put a person at risk for an incorrect mindset. Absence of information in a more demanding situation, such as a voting booth, can lead to a severe misinterpretation of a person’s own interests for their nation. An event in particular was the era of alcohol restriction. Some individuals were aware of its intentions, however, others believed alcohol restriction was being placed for the sake of lifting poverty levels. People were walking up to the booth, and had already made a wrong decision before even looking at the ballot. The lack of info detached cultures of the Irish and Italian with their daily drinking habits. These cultures drank on the fact that it was part of who they were, not strictly for the effects. People even boasted their lack of knowledge as if they knew what they were arguing for. Many white elites advocated for “Sunday church, “in that everyone attend church on the “holy day” of Sunday and give thanks to the lord. These advocates completely ignored the existence of other religions, culture, and traditions of these other…
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