The Era Of Alcohol Restriction

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First Come, First Serve A problem that has faced the United States for years is the governments understanding of power and the ability to spread it efficiently. The United States government focus is to build the nation based on its own people’s motives. Even with redouble, it continues to do so by battling through incomplete information, commitment problems, and indivisibility. Lack of knowledge or basic understanding of a topic will easily put a person at risk for an incorrect mindset. Absence of information in a more demanding situation, such as a voting booth, can lead to a severe misinterpretation of a person’s own interests for their nation. An event in particular was the era of alcohol restriction. Some individuals were aware of…show more content…
Some groups had their holy day on Saturday and some groups treated every meal as if it were their last. “Condemnations increased when moralists initiated campaigns to reform the American state that they saw obstructing their various reform crusades” (page 29). People with lack of knowledge were not only unaware, but they try to teach other people their mistaken ways as well. A moment easily relatable is the Native Americans and the praising of the buffalo. The Native American tribes that were settled more West than most of the states would perform rituals that could last up to days. These rituals consisted of dancing and singing, all meant to attract buffalo for the tribe to eat and survive off of. But, the white settlers at the time would constantly call these acts lazy and insanity of these “savages.” It is quite hypocritical for the settlers to make this claim, given the fact when they constantly have “fire-camp meetings.” These meeting included crazy sermons and mass stories to be passed along and acted out. Yet, for some reason, the settlers would claim that the Native American’s appraisal of the buffalo was lunacy unnatural. Nonetheless, the settler’s rituals had the same aspects. The discrimination still led to dehumanization the Native Americans to make sure that the settler’s point of view seemed more correct. Lack of knowledge and in some cases ignorance of knowledge caused the white settlers and North Americans all together to not learn from other
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