Banning Alcohol From Mainstream Consumption

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Let 's travel back in time, for a second, to the 1840 's. Hundreds upon thousands of Americans flocked to the western half of the country, fleeing their homes and risking their very lives for a chance to strike it rich. Some were triumphant, others failed, and everyone learned a little something along the way... Now, fast forward a few decades to the twentieth century. The United States government just enacted an amendment into the Constitution, banning alcohol from mainstream consumption. A collective of citizens grew irate and resisted, beginning a movement that would effect the country for years to come. So what do the Gold Rush and Prohibition have to do with the Internet? Well, they 're essentially what the Internet has been like for me. As both a creator and consumer, cyberspace has turned making and viewing art into both a prospect and, in some instances, a protest. Five, even ten years ago, nobody could have imagined the kind of force the digital age would usher. As information was exchanged, people soon figured out that they had a virtual library at their fingertips. I don 't even have to think about leaving the house to find out which watercolor brand was the best money could buy – a quick Google search could yield plenty of answers to that question. (About 1,040,000 results, to be exact!) I see myself a miner, and the Internet gives me the tools I need to create my works. It 's no coincidence creators have made it this way. I could conduct research for a concept
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