The Era Of Andrew Jackson

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Sedona Swanner History 1301 Mr. Spence November 10, 2015 The Era of Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, elected in eighteen twenty-eight. Prior to his presidency Andrew Jackson was well known and favored for his success against the British in the war of eighteen-twelve. Upon election, Andrew Jackson became known as the people’s president gaining the majority of electoral votes over his opponent John quincy Adams.Throughout his presidency many events occurred that would shape America as a nation. During his time as President Andrew Jackson was both favored and hated by many individuals. His actions pleased certain groups of people, but would also cause for a loss of support amongst Americans. Jackson’s legacy would leave behind a strong willed group of supporters, known as the Democrat party, and the creation of opposed individuals known as the Whig party as well. His presidency would be viewed as time of improvements to some, but to others who strongly opposed his presidency, it would be seen as a time for unjust tariffs and conflict. Jackson’s presidency would be characterized by key events such as the Indian removal act, the nullification crisis, and the dispute known as the war against the bank, that would alter the nation forever. One of the many acts put into place during Andrew Jackson’s time as president includes the highly controversial Indian Removal Act. The Indian removal act was signed and put into place by President

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