The Era of Cheap Petroleum Has Finished

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That was the most important package of aid for million consumers anywhere in the world who could alleviate their budget when enjoying a price by smaller petroleum, even, to that it had 2007 by the end of (65 dollars the barrel). Now, and as I indicate in this post, we were again before similar crossroads, that this time have a key explanation: The era of cheap petroleum has finished.
The consequences of this fact that a part of the world prefers to ignore, demonstrate that not yet we understand that everything has to do yet, and perhaps that this new crisis of petroleum installs to us in the doors of a scene of greater gravity to the one than we lived the 2008. Three years of those events, we can see that any serious advance in the world has not taken place and that it continues prioritizing incompetecia and the egoísmos that incubated the crisis.
It is very certain that the present crisis is been from the total collapse of a life form in which has not deigned environment, the natural resources, the distributiva fairness and the own one right to the work.…
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