The Essence of the Human Spirit

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The Essence of the Human Spirit

My mother taught me the two most important lessons I have learned: you really can do anything if you work hard and dedicate yourself to it; and, every person has a responsibility to contribute something toward improving the world. She taught me by example. When I was eight, she went to college to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. Very few things in my life have been more inspirational than watching her, a poor woman with a husband and four children, graduate summa cum laude from college.

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in the stars and the planets. As a child, I persistently asked questions and read books about
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However, there are many benefits of studying at Oxford that are not technological. I can attend any lecture or seminar in any subject, without having to register or belong to a particular college within the university. This open-door policy is virtually unheard of in American universities. I could join the Oxford Union to hone my debating skills--a necessary talent for engineers, who must defend their technical solutions. The Alastair Buchan Club and Strategic Studies Seminar would help me to better understand international relations, which is a vital component in the internationally cooperative environment that is space exploration today.

The humanistic tradition that is so rich a part of the cultural heritage at Oxford has at its core a fundamental understanding of the notion that it is the nature of man to grow or die. That sense of growth is the essence of exploration. At Oxford, in addition to furthering my technical studies, I will have unique opportunities to better understand the human spirit and hwy exploration is so essential to it.

Apollo astronaut Frank Borman once said, "Exploration is the essence of the human spirit." When humanity embarks upon the great endeavor of human planetary exploration, it will inspire us to work together toward a common goal. Once we learn how to cooperate to reach our dream, we may be able to use that
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