The Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion

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There are many ethical dilemmas in the world today such as euthanasia, performance enhancing drugs, pornography, abortion and more. Someone’s worldview is often a big contributor in the decisions they make in regards to the dilemma. Abortion is one of today’s most contested ethical dilemmas (Beattie, 2011). Susan is a mother that is debating whether she should have an abortion or not. Her ethical dilemma case will be analyzed and compared from a Christian worldview perspective and other worldly perspectives. Ethical Dilemma In this case, Susan has finally gotten pregnant after trying for many years. After some testing, she is told that her baby has Down Syndrome. Susan asks people for advice and is told to abort the baby from a respectable doctor and professor. Despite all the opinions to have an abortion, Susan is still uncomfortable with making that decision and isn’t sure what she should do. If she chooses to abort the baby, she may never have the opportunity to have another baby again. If she chooses to keep the baby, she may have a very challenging life ahead of her. There are many things that make this decision hard for Susan. She wants to do what is right for her as well as what is right for the baby. Susan has been trying to get pregnant for many years and finally has the opportunity. She does not what to given that up. In addition, she has been given advice from two respectable people to abort the baby. Susan probably feels that if a doctor and professor are

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