The Ethical Dilemma Of Deborah Faces

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Articulate the problem: Deborah is a nurse practitioner that is instructed to falsify patient information, and deliberately constitute a diagnosis that is not accurate neither viable in the patients she might be seeing. The reason for this being is that the private owned clinic is not compensated for wellness services. Furthermore, the practice of falsifying diagnosis serves to provide revenue and allow for the clinic to continue to operate. The ethical dilemma Deborah faces is to either take part in the fraud, malpractice and secure her job in her current employment establishment, or speak out about the fraud being conducted by her colleagues and superiors. In turn, this will dramatically affect employment and the community. As a…show more content…
Malpractice is evident; failing to acknowledge the extent of inventing diagnosis will impact the individual, does not adhere to the code of ethics to care and not mislead any information. Deborah can accept to falsify records or question the methods of her supervisors. Explore strategies: Deborah can accept the years of fraud the private clinic has been conducting and take part. Putting herself at risk and her patients. Currently that we are aware of the only people facing an ethical dilemma is Deborah. However other healthcare providers could have taken part in the suggestion by their supervisors to maintain their job. It is clear that Deborah is not content with the information she received from her superior. We know this because she is hesitant to carry out the action. Inventing diagnosis to receive compensation on behalf of Medicaid is not acceptable for the patient and the government providing the funds. We can clearly see that the providers do not want to deliberately cause harm to the patients. If anything they want to keep the clinic open to help the community. However, this method of business will not be sustainable and is doing more harm than good. That is, saying patient medical records will affect the individual in the future. Or she can either
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