The Ethical Issue Of Abortion

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Abortion is the intended termination of a human pregnancy which is commonly done within the initial 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is the slaughtering of developing lives or babies amid a woman’s pregnancy. They come with a myriad of different procedures according to how far along the pregnancy is. This ethical issue is a subject all over the world and there are arguments for whether or not it goes against all morals. Premature birth has been and most likely will always be a controversial topic considering it has been around for a considerable amount of years. Just like any topic, in order to know what abortion is is to completely comprehend the facts. There are many reasons why a woman may or may not undergo the procedure. With this said, it is not ethical to have an abortion except for if, and only if, a woman has undergone being a victim of rape.
The issue of abortion is a very known thing and is an “issue” because it is the reason hundreds of thousands of people have not been born in the world. It has affected so many people and many individuals know of someone whether a companion, relative or other, who has experienced premature birth. The United States actually prohibited abortion back in 1860 except for to preserve the life of the mother (Farrell Slide 22). There are many reasons why a woman would approve or contemplate abortion and they might even seem justifiable. Those reasons being that of the right over a woman’s own body, unwanted or deformed children, the mother

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