The Ethical Responsibilities Of Business Ethics Essay

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Business ethics is a board interaction between individuals, organizations and countries based on the social and legal requirements. Moreover, ethics of business is more complex and complicated than business, in addition it emphasis the ethical responsibilities of business (Shaw, 2013, p.3). Business ethics is about how the people conduct the business and make ethical business decisions. In the case, the situation that Jean involved in is Wright expects Jean to use closing techniques to deceive her clients based on exaggerated and faked facts to increase the number of closed deals (Shaw, 2014, p.234). However, Jean strongly disagrees to use psychological manipulation, because of that, Jean’s sales is much less than others who use the psychological closing devices (Shaw, 2014, p.235). Besides, as a single mother, that job is really important for Jean (Shaw, 2014, p.235). Now Jean is facing an ethical dilemma, there are two options, hide the truth but save the reputation or keep honest but lose large amount of income. This easy introduces a comparative analysis of Jean’s situation under an ethical dilemma perspective with three different ethical theories, Kantian, utilitarianism and egoism. Based on the information from Jean’s case, the existence of an ethical dilemma is implied. Generally, ethical dilemma is defined as” a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing
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