The Ethics And Integrity Of Two Research Articles

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This assignment will analyze the ethics and integrity of two research articles. The first article, Social Networking and Professional Ethics: Client Searches, Informed Consent, and Disclosure (Harris, Robinson Kurpius, 2014). The second article, Child Rights as a Framework for Advancing Professional Standards for Practice, Ethics, and Professional Development in School Psychology (Nastasi and Naser, 2014). The standards and key portions of the American Psychological Association (APA) Code of Ethics (2010) of each article will be identified. Issues of ethics and integrity as they apply to scholarly research and practice will be discussed. In conclusion, new understanding and insight gained from the two articles will be described. First, the standards and key portions of the APA (2010) Code of Ethics identified by each article are described. Both articles demonstrated the practice of scholarly writing by applying the APA (2010) Code of Ethics. Specifically, APA (2010) sections 8.11 Plagiarism, 8.12 Publication Credit and 8.13 Duplicate Publication of Data were applied via APA formatting and style in the composing of the articles. Harris and Robinson Kurpius (2014) present specific references to the APA (2010) Code of Ethics. Harris and Robinson Kurpius (2014) begin with noting APA (2010) Ethical Principles “does not specifically address the standards for social networking site.” (p. 12) Next Harris and Robinson Kurpius (2014) quote the APA (2010) Principle E where
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