The Ethics Of Battlefield Ministries

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Battlefield Ministries is a battlefield where the fight for families is constant. It is a Christian counseling center with a focus on marriage and family counseling. Battlefield’s slogan is “fighting for families” and every time the counselors or office workers step into the office that is what they are doing. For a place with so much fighting, it has an overwhelming sense of peace that flows through every inch of the building. The peace is from the One who has already won the ultimate battle and is present as Battlefield continues on in the fight for families. All warriors have a plan, or an approach, to fighting and the same is true at Battlefield. Our counselors and other office staff must decide on the theoretical approaches that will best benefit the clients. Three theoretical approaches to counseling that are commonly used at Battlefield Ministries are client-centered therapy, attachment theory, and object relations theory. While at Battlefield Ministries, I have done numerous jobs from scrubbing the toilets to calming a client over the phone. Every day in the office is interesting and it never gets boring. Some jobs can seem quite menial, but every job at Battlefield is going towards fighting for families and that makes every job, whether big or small, very much worth it. Most days at the office include answering and returning a decent number of phone calls. There are clients calling to schedule, clients calling to confirm their appointment, clients calling to cancel…

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