The Ethics Of Managing Ethics

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Managing Ethics
Ethics are a set of moral values about what is right or wrong. According to (, Philosophers have been discussing ethics for at least 2500 years, since the time of Socrates and PlatoBeing a manager, one deals with countless ethical dilemmas which makes his or her job challenging and complex (book). Managing ethics then refers to how a company ethically treats employees, stakeholders, owners, and the public which greatly affects the organizational performance. This paper aims at exploring the meaning of behaving ethically, how managers and organizations can achieve an ethical behavior towards the people and organizations in their environment, and tackles some ethical issues that managers often face …show more content…

Each of these models has its own ways of determining if a decision or behavior is ethical.
Managers deal with decision making in every single day of their job. Therefore, they need to make ethical decisions which would benefit their organization. An ethical decision is the one which a reasonable or typical stakeholder would find acceptable because it aids stakeholders, the organization, or society. An unethical decision is one where a manager would have to hide from others because he rejects all ethics that apply in a certain situation in order for him or the organization to benefit at the expense of society or other stakeholders. When manager are trying to determine whether their decision is ethical or unethical, they should ask themselves a certain set of questions. First, a manager should ask themselves if their decision falls in the accepted values or standards that typically apply. Second, they should ask themselves if they are willing to share their decision with all the stakeholders affected by that decision. Finally, managers need to ask themselves if the people with whom they have a strong personal relationship would approve of their decision. (book).
If an organization is too large, its managers may need to develop an overall ethical code which every employee should not break. Codes of ethics are formal standards and rules that managers can use to help themselves make appropriate

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