The Ethics Of Nonprofit Management

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The main problem in the case as it relates to nonprofit management is trying to make a nonprofit organization survive. Nonprofits are different than businesses and have to focus on two bottom lines, surviving and fulfilling its mission. While Falender focused on surviving and making the nonprofit one of the leading conservation nonprofits, he steered away from the original mission of the organization. Falender’s actions were based on financial motives rather than by social motives. AMC did need a transformational leader to help get out of the financial crisis, however the values that were a part of the original mission did not have to be compromised. Falender treated the organization more like a business rather than a nonprofit by …show more content…

There are no clear-cut goals and objectives on how to achieve the vision, nor detailed layouts on what the role of chapter members are.
In nonprofit management, fundraising and volunteering plays an integral part. However, in the case of AMC, there is no specific department set for fundraising. Even the Board Members are doubtful when it comes to fundraising. Falender also did not use the volunteers in a creative manner that would ensure their time at AMC is being used to its full potential.
Falender’s Management Style
Falender’s management style did not correlate with the organization’s mission and culture properly. The original mission of the organization was more community and people oriented. On the first page, the case study reveals that the mission was essentially to bring people to realize the beauty of true nature. This mission resulted in efforts towards recreation to ensure individuals gain the mental and physical benefits from being outdoors. However, Falender changed the mission to focus more on conservation efforts and financial efforts. How a problem is defined impacts what an organization will use its resources, effort, and time on. Falender stated the problem as an environmental and financial issue, and this allowed the organization to focus on solutions to address that specific problem. This altered the mission statement of the organization as a whole and even though the mission statement

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