The Ethics Of The Hippocratic Oath

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I. The Hippocratic oath is written to hold doctors accountable to treat the sick to the best of one’s ability, preserve patient privacy, and teach the secrets to medicine to the next generation.

II. Originated from the Greek word for “good death”.

III. What may this be? a. Euthanasia

b. For an individual to undergo euthanasia their health condition has to be incurable and all other medical actions tried, does not help them.

III .There is numerous terminal ill patients in the world and some cases results in the decision of euthanasia. For some, the unbearable pain and their health condition have to be incurable and all other medical actions tried, does not help them. It is a last resort method.

IV. Today I am going to talk a little about the terminally ill patients or individuals in chronic severe pain that they have the option of a free will to a quick death to minimize suffering by using euthanasia.


(Transition….Let me start by giving you some background information about Euthanasia.)

I. There are 6 different types of euthanasia
A. Voluntary Euthanasia - When a competent person makes a voluntary and enduring request to be helped to die. o The most common mistake that occur when talking about euthanasia is that it gets confused and mistaken for the same thing as physician assisted suicide. o Euthanasia is intentionally foreshortening of a person’s life to spare that person from further suffering
B. Involuntary Euthanasia - To end a
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