The Ethics Of The Medical Ethics

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Robots are all around us. They are in our computers, homes and cars. They are so prevalent in our day to day activities that we hardly even know they are there. We are constantly trusting systems that are run by robots to accomplish everyday tasks for us. This shows that we are more accepting of robots and the tasks they can successfully do. Today’s technology and research regarding robots is nowhere near where it started when they were first created. We have made great leaps with our research that we were able to create robots that can perform tasks ranging from assembling cars to performing surgery on living patients. Medical robots provide many benefits and advantages to both patients and surgeons. At what point, however, is allowing robots or using robots to perform surgery ethically correct or incorrect? A doctor must follow a code of medical ethics whilst they are practicing medicine. The basic idea of the medical ethics are that “a physician must recognize responsibility to patients first and foremost, as well as to society, to other health professionals, and to self” (American). These ethics are not laws required for doctors to follow, but guidelines for the best way to treat a patient. During many surgeries, there are multiple doctors and medical professionals in the operating room performing the surgery and monitoring the patient. They all are aware of the ethics that have been set for the surgeon to do what is best for the patient if something where to…

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