The Ethnography Labor And Legality

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Sarah Rodrigues Dr. Melissa Goodman Elgar Anthropology 101.02 10 December 2015 Labor and Legality The ethnography Labor and Legality is based on the experiences of ten different undocumented immigrant men living and working in the Chicago area. These men have been called the Lions by the author because they all originate from the same city in Mexico called Le?n. These men differ meaningfully in their beliefs, experiences, and plans for the future, but they also have important things in common. They are friends, and in some cases brothers and cousins, who share the reputation of being ?illegal aliens? and the dignity of being hard workers and family men. Their culture guides them through many different social settings, and each man has a different perspective. The most important thing when coming to the Unites states is that first you need to find a job. All of the men work low paying jobs because they are illegal, but the way they work is as if they are doing the most important job on the planet. There willingness to work is said to be the most cultural value that they have. They demonstrate their willingness to work by performing extra work without complaint and with haste. The workers even have a name for this performance ?ech?ndole ganas? which means to giving it your all, "working hard" or a desire to work hard (Gomberg-Mu?oz, 80). The workers at Il Vino are very conscious of impression management and explain that they have important motives for ech?ndole ganas.
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