The Eugenics Of The Word Eugenics

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The word eugenics was first derived from the Greek word “eugenes” which means well-born. The goal of eugenics is to create and breed the utmost superior person through selection while picking out the good traits and eliminating the bad ones. Eugenics is the study of using methods to improve genetics by selective breeding (Eugenics, 2009). This came about because of the thought of being able to tell the difference between inferior and superior human beings. In 1883 the word eugenics was first used to talk about the science of heredity and good breeding. The scientist Gregor Mendel had cross-breeded pea plants and found patterns that were relative to humans such as color and height. After the knowledge of this study came to be, other scientists began to use the word eugenics. Because of Mendel’s study the concept of genes became introduced. Charles Davenport, a widely respected scientist, was first to say that certain characteristics were superior to others such as intelligence, cleanliness, hard work and many more. Davenport founded the Eugenics Record Office in 1910 (Eugenics, 2009). According to a publication, the goal of eugenics was to improve the natural, physical, mental and temperamental qualities of the human family (Eugenics, 2009). After these studies, eugenics researchers believed that if mating was controlled, conditions such as psychiatric illness, physical disabilities and mental retardation could be eliminated.
World War I began to give Americans the fear of

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