The Euthyphro Dilemma

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1. The first two theses of the Euthyphro dilemma are, “Things are good because God loves them” and “God loves things because they are good.” I think these are two completely different things. Someone, who is religious, might think that things are good because God loves them and because God loves something or someone, it is good. Basically, things are the way they are because God loves them. The other theses makes more sense to me. It makes sense that God loves a thing or someone because it is good or they are good/do good things. It means that the thing or person is already good and because so, they are being loved by God. I myself am not a religious person, but the second thesis of the two makes more sense. It reminds me of karma in a way.…show more content…
I think there is a problem, but not a serious worry, in the first thesis because the only explanation for why things are good is because of God and how he feels towards the thing. If “things are good because God loves them,” is the only explanation for why things are good, then there really isn’t a good thing in the world. It isn’t true that everything in the world is good, but if God loves all things, does that make everything good? If that is true, then if God thinks that things are bad, does it make them bad? What if things really aren’t good or bad because of what God says? I guess there is a concern with the first thesis because questions come up. If god decides what is good, then he also decides what is bad. For the second one, I don’t think there is any big problem or worry with this one. If someone does something good, then God will love them. In a real life situation, if someone does something good, they will sometimes get some sort of reward in return. It isn’t expected though. So, there can be a slight worry to this thesis. If someone does something good and God loves them because the thing they did was good, then if they do something bad, God might not love them. Or again, in a real life situation, if someone doesn’t do something good, for example, if someone doesn’t pick up a piece of trash they see on the ground, that doesn’t make them a bad person, and doesn’t mean bad things will happen. People might try to only do good because if they do, God will love
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