Essay on The Events Leading Up to the American Revolution

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In the event of America’s victory in the American Revolution lead to the birth of a new nation. However, before the American Revolution the original colonies of America were already becoming impatient with British rule. This was mostly a result of a foreign country trying to rule people an ocean apart, and by rule this meant collecting taxes Americans found unfair. This rebellion against British rule became more prevalent from the passing of the Stamp Act of 1765 created mostly by George Greenville. The passing of this tax was Britain’s way of reinforcing their authority in the colonies and lessening their financial burden. However, from British standpoint that was not the sole purpose for the acts as they also wanted to build a defense …show more content…

From that moment on it was clear it had to be decided was it of Britain’s best interest to give the colonist their desired independence, or fight for their most prized possession despite their debt. Yet, from the American standpoint there was only one option and that was fight for their independence as war and cleanse America of British rule. It became to the point that if open warfare was not anticipated by most Americans, some nevertheless did what they could to make ready for it. In colony after colony militia awkwardly practiced military exercises, and patriots collected weapons and ammunition. The actions on both parts led to the official start of the impending combat with the battles of Lexington and Concord. These battles signified America’s surprising readiness to stand up against the redcoats and the divide among the two countries greatened. In addition, to America’s war effort was the creation of the First Continental Congress who were expanding on what they considered fair American rights. Yet, by calling themselves a Continental Congress was an overstatement for only it represented the thirteen colonies (Alden 42). Leading Americans to urge Canadians to join the effort for them to occupy the Americas, despite conflict that arose from the Quebec Acts. America was strong in its own way, but they were also desperate for outside support for it still resonated in their minds they

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