The Events Of 9 / 11

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The tragic events of 9/11, have drastically added to the myriad of recognized risk types and threats as well as the security recommended and required to counter those threats. The Security Manager must be aware of current threat trends, as well as mitigation strategies for the risks identified by the stakeholders. The mitigation strategies vary depending on the type of asset, location, threats and level of risk. These risks can include the spectrum of natural events and disasters, human-caused events as well as the secondary events spawned by primary events. This paper will examine special event security, its purpose, and when such security is recommended.
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The number of entry and exit points are important to consider and uniformed security at those points is a good visual sign of security. A mixture of uniformed and plainclothes security with the crowd, again, depends on venue and other risks as stated above. The security requirements will be different for a VIP speech at a stadium versus a several hundred person prayer breakfast at a hotel conference room. No “one size fits all” security plan can, or should be, used. A security plan with timelines, and operation plan and access roster (if applicable) will assist the security team greatly. Areas that need to be addressed for the security include: security assignments and security posts as well as how many security personnel are needed at each post. Will there be a need for a layered security such as inner, middle and outer perimeter? What types of communication systems will be needed by the security personnel? Will there be needs for transit route security? How long are the security shifts? Is there a need for a rapid reaction team or a relief team? Will outside agencies need to be involved, or will internal (own) security be sufficient? Is there a need for overtime pay for the security team(s)? Will any, or all, of these security personnel need security clearances so as to receive federal intelligence information? It should also be considered as to what types of skill sets are needed for the event security team such

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