The Evidence For God By Paul K.

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In the book, The Evidence For God, Paul K. Moser develops an ideology that proves God’s existence. However, there are other perspectives that try to prove God existence, also. With that being said, I shall argue that kardiatheology is the most concrete position of God’s existence because a person just needs to be “willing” to distribute unselfish love to everyone. I am going to accomplish this by first defining what kardiatheology is then transition to the reason why this theology is concrete. According to Matthew 5:38-48, God is consider to be morally perfect. He is morally perfect because he distributes altruistic love to everyone, even to his enemies. Taking that into account, humans are constantly making moral mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can be very serious. However, God accepts those moral failings “and enable those failings to be seen for what they are.” In addition, He takes those failings and tries to transform “ the very center of human motivation,” which is also known as the motivational heart. This point supports a theology called kardiatheolgy. Kardiatheology is not just aimed at a person’s mind or emotions but also at the person’s motivational heart and will. With those points in mind, kardiatheology is defined as one “willing, obedient entrustment of oneself to God that involves one’s motivational heart.” In this section I will discuss what a motivational heart is, and how one can be transformed. First, picture a sponge. A sponge can absorb any

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