The Evil Force In Beowulf

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In the darkness of time, there will come a time in someone's life that might refer to an evil force. Whether it was a bad day, an upset parent or a person of political power. In Beowulf the warriors had to overcome a very large force of evil that seems to put an extravagant tole on the town and the way that they prosper in life everyday. As the monster of the town decides to overturn his trust with beowulf's father and break the peace offering, he murders numerous of innocent people. Lying dead and motionless, the town goes up in flames, there was no fire but they were flames of fear. In the towns distress, people began to lose hope and prosperity. The townsmen eventually felt hopeless, a destructive force of evil was tearing their friends and family limb by limb, vein by vein. The monster had no sympathy for what he was doing. Before this evil force came up from the depth of evil, everything was so perfect for everyone. There never seemed to be any dramatic issues, but that all came to a close. “So times were pleasant for the people there until finally one, a fiend out of hell, began to work his evil in the world. (Beowulf 99-101). All he cared about what was his next meal going to be. Coming in the far sight of the deep ocean came a hero that was so long waited for. As it stated in the first few sentences “In the end each clan on the outlying coasts beyond the whale-road had to yield to him and began to pay tribute. That was one good king” (Beowulf 9-11). The town of the

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