The Evil, Hate, Deceit, and Envy of Cassius

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In the play Cassius is seen as a man of pure evil, hatred, deceit, and envy. He is seen as nothing more or nothing less than that, but really he is a mastermind. Cassius had an elaborate plan. He needed everything to line up to murder Caesar. The things he did and the people he manipulated to do what he wanted was for a reason. Cassius was overcome with envy and hungry for power, and the only thing in his way was Caesar. Romans let nothing stand in the way of what they wanted. Nothing was going to stop them if they were determined. Cassius is determined, so when Cassius didn’t want Caesar in power, he did something about it. In Cassius’s eyes he thought he was doing the noble and right thing for Rome. Cassius carefully executed his plan of murder; he knew what he was doing. At the beginning of the play, Cassius was already starting his devious but well thought out plan. He talked to Brutus and started to talk to him in a positive way and built Brutus’s confidence in Cassius and in himself. When Cassius does this, Brutus starts to trust Cassius and that’s what Cassius wants to happen. Then Brutus stated, “I do fear, the people Choose/ Caesar for their king” (I.ii.4). Cassius took advantage of this opportunity realizing Brutus isn’t the most fond of Caesar either and started to tell Brutus that he is as well liked as Caesar and could be as good as a king or better than Caesar. Cassius began manipulating Brutus to think that if Caesar was gone that he could do just as

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