The Evil, Manipulative Character of Cassius in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare the writer of Julius Caesar decided how Cassius would be portrayed in his play. In the play, Cassius has an evil, manipulative personality; he can be your friend one minute then Cassius can be your worst enemy. Although Cassius was not popular with the people of Rome, he became the ringleader of the conspirators.
Cassius displays the personality of a shrewd opportunist, who doesn’t believe in the rule of one person. He believes there should be an elected set of officials; to decide on the laws for Rome. He resides as a very close friend to Julius Caesar, before he became the Roman king. Cassius played a large role in the assassination of Julius Caesar (I.ii.90-115). When Julius Caesar became godlike to the roman people, Cassius had much dislike toward Julius. He thought that Julius appeared too incompetent and weak to the point of embarrassment, and wanted him removed from the throne. In the play, Cassius manipulates Brutus into thinking that Caesar has become too powerful and that he needed to be killed. He also uses flattery to sway Brutus into becoming part of his plan (I.ii.48-51). Cassius tricked Brutus into finally believing the Roman people wanted Caesar dead by forging letters from the people that do convey these thoughts (I.iii.142-148). He also made Brutus feel like it was his civic duty to the Roman people. Cassius seems like just a very evil or cruel man, he committed suicide once he thought that his best friend Brutus was killed in the

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