The Evolution And Relevance Of Immigration

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The Evolution of Immigration:
The evolution and relevance of Immigration in the United States.

”Another way of indicating the importance of immigration to America is to point out that every American who ever lived, with the exception of one group, was an immigrant himself or a descendent of immigrants,”(Kennedy, 2). The United States is a nation of immigrants. There are, however, many Americans who are not accepting of the fact that immigrants were the reason why this country is able to have a population, economy and democracy. To ignore immigrants, is to ignore our history and how America is the way it is now. The immigrant culture of America is relevant to not only every individual US citizen, but also every person living across seas. World War Two is one of the most important turning points regarding immigration into the U.S., Kennedy embodies the American story when he says, “To know America, then, it is necessary to understand this peculiar American social revolution. It is necessary to know why over 42 million people gave up their settled lives to start anew in a strange land.” (Kennedy, 3). This quote is representative of how the country began, and how the immigrants of that time had a desire to enunciate the Declaration of Independence. The outcome was successful in the U.S. in many ways: Between the time frame of 1770 to 1820 came federal and state governments, a prosperous economy, and a population that grew from 2 million to 9 million. This gave verification…

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