The Evolution Of Democracy And The Early Republic

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The Evolution of Democracy in the Early Republic President Jefferson and President Jackson were two complete different people. Though each one had their flaws, they also had some good intentions throughout their presidency. The government was different under each president because each one had their own ideas for America. There is a chain of causes that made America the way it was under each president. Jefferson was a good person but was not the best president because he always thought about himself and never what everyone else wanted. Jackson was not a good person but he was a good president because he got things done as a president. He did thing that were good not only for him but for America 's future. Jefferson accomplished a lot while he was president that affected everyone at this time and even us today. While Jefferson was president, he wrote the Declaration of Independence. It was written to declare the independence the colonies had from Great Britain. He also stated that all men should be created equally and stated that slavery is against our most important rights, life and liberty itself. Jefferson wrote a bill establishing that all virginia schools were to give all children male or female, get three years of teaching in writing, reading arithmetic and history. He also came up with the Louisiana Purchase. It was land deal between the U.S. and France. In order to buy all this land he used Hamilton 's finacial plan, which was a good plan until it provoked the…
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