The Evolution Of Health Care

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The evolution of health care has influenced current health care systems using insurance companies in a number of ways. This evolution started almost a decade ago when there was need to transform the organization of health care system. Retail clinics have emerged to offer routine preventative and acute care services by non-physician providers, with predictable wait times, more convenient venues, and more obtainable prices. This article evaluates the evolution of the health care system and examines the impact retail clinics, managed care and health coverage have on the health care industry since they began to gain popularity.
What factors are driving the health care change? Beside cultural and religious contributions to the health care change, economic and situational factors play a large part in the changes health care is facing. A variety of factors have influenced this rapid and significant growth. They include: population growth, increases in health care technologies, increased drug reliance, high cost of health care coverage and malpractice award increases. While debate continues on both the success and the future of managed care, one cannot deny the increased emphasis on cost containment.
How health care has changed?
Dranove (2000) traces the economic evolution of American Health Care using the phrase "from Marcus Welby, M. D. to managed care." For most of the twentieth century the traditional U. S. health care system, according to Dranove (2000) had three defining

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