The Evolution Of Wireless Networks

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The Evolution of Wireless Networks Micheal Robinson Network Management and Infrastructure July 27, 2015 Abstract Networking of computers has developed quite well since they were first introduced. Wireless networks are basically just the new trend of computer networks in the IT world. Of course with every new technology that is created, there are some pros and cons. This paper engages some of the key advantages and deficiencies of wireless networks security. It addresses various types of security levels being implemented by standard wireless networks, such as WEP, WPA and 802.11.This paper also discusses benefits of utilizing wireless networks, like cost effectiveness. Businesses have recently been found considering wireless installations simply because the lower total cost of ownership and maintenance. Other benefits will be brought to light, such as how wireless networks increase data accuracy and increases a user’s productivity. Wireless networks are starting to make their way into just about every venue possible, like schools, airports and hospitals. One of the main points that seem to always be addressed when discussing wireless networks is security and how people are concerned with the protection of their valuable information. In the conclusions, questions and opportunities for future WLAN research will be discussed. Keywords: networks, security, wireless, technology, Wireless Networks Outline I. Introduction to Wireless Networks

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