The Evolution of Man

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Everything as we know it all started with a bang literally, it formed planets, stars, and even life forms. When it comes to mankind however, we are relatively new to the universe despite most people's beliefs that the universe revolves around us. Without bringing religion into the mix, “all people originated from apelike ancestors and evolved over a period of approximately six million years"(human origins) which is quite some time compared to our life span. As we evolved we adapted and became smarter and better able to survive. Survival of the fittest did not appear to be the case, the more we evolved, the more over populated the world became. So what have we over come as a species, and where are we heading for the future generations?…show more content…
Each tribe knew with justification that if it was not armed and ready, its very existence was imperiled"(discover magazine). Through competition with each other, we as a species have been driven to adapt and evolve to overcome struggles that past generations have failed at. It’s also led to the growth of our cognitive skills, most inventions that we have created are either heal or war related. Once again group selection is pushing us to create something bigger and better than the last technology to overcome the obstacle in front of them. Others have also theorized that our lust for battle is also an unconscious urge to regulate the population. If we never had wars, by now our population would be in the trillion and we would never be force to evolve either. Not only has war forced us to evolve, but also has disease. Over the millions of years we have occupied the earth disease have wiped out entire civilizations. As we were forced to evolve from war, it’s the same case with disease. Over these millions of years we have faced the Black Plague, yellow fever, malaria, and that’s only the tip of the metaphorical ice berg. As each of these diseases have hit man kind we have adapted and built immunity as well as a wide range of medical advance’s that have mostly come to light with in the past thousand years or so. These immunities have come to pass because once a human has become immune they pass it to their
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