Evolutionism : The Truth Behind Humans

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Evolutionism: The Truth Behind Humans Is the evolution theory a fact or a myth? This is the question I pondered for quite some time as I contemplated on the idea of the origin of human species. Were we created by a higher power or are we descendants of ape like ancestors? Hundreds of articles and substantial proof have helped shape my belief that evolution in fact, does exist.
What is evolutionism? The definition of evolution found in an article states that “evolution is that all life on earth is descended from something that lived 3.8 billion years ago” (Introduction to Evolution). The one who started the evolution theory itself was Charles Darwin, who studied wildlife on his voyage and then decided to look at species at a deeper core …show more content…

“Man did not arrive on this Earth fully formed, and our history shows that just like everything else on this planet, we evolved” (Belkin). Humans have to have been created from something, we were not just created out of thin air. With that being said, what were we, as humans, created from?
It is commonly said and known to most people, whether they believe in evolutionism or not, that humans are descendants of ape like creatures. Our common ancestors are the apes which evolved 35 million years later to Australopithecus which if seen, looks like a 50/50 mix between an ape and a human. Years later Australopithecus’ are evolved to Homosapiens which we are more commonly aware of. Homosapiens look like the typical, well known image of “cave men”. From there, Homosapiens evolve to Neanderthal Men. From the beginning point of Australopithecus’ to now, 40 million years later, we have humans. One piece of evidence proving that we are descendants of an ape-like creature and that evolution does exist is the universal genetic code (Peacock). The universal genetic code is DNA and RNA sequences that determine different amino acid sequences. “All cells on Earth, from our white blood cells, to simple bacteria, to cells in the leaves of trees, are capable of reading any piece of DNA from any life form on Earth. This is very strong evidence for a common ancestor from which all life descended” (Peacock). Fossil records

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