The Evolution of Tv

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The Evolution of Television
Television is one of the most valuable contributions of the scientists in the last century. The world 's first real television picture was produced by a Scottish inventor called John Logie Baird in 19251. It was nearly a hundred years to the first television appears, television has evolved a lot in appearances and functions. Darwin’s theory suggests that the variation among living organisms and the evolution of a species is caused by the theory of natural selection. As a non-living organism, the development of television is similar to the evolution of living species which obeying the Darwin’s theory of Evolution. This theory suggests that there are five characteristics in every biological life
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1946--- Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley successfully invented the transistor at Bell Labs2.
1946--- The first TV broadcasting using coaxial cable is transmitted from New York to Washington D.C.
1948--- Television was bought into rural areas in Pennsylvania by introducing the cable TV4.
1951--- The FCC approved the CBS’s color transmission system as the US color television standard.2,4
1952--- The cable television system began in US2.
1953--- The color television system approved in 1951 was reversed by FCC and approved the RCA/NTSC color system to replace2.
1954--- The first national color broadcast was launched in US2.
1955--- Eugene Polley invented the first remote control to control the television with light2.
1956---The world’s first all-color television station is established in Chicago called WNBQ 2.
1960--- Broadcast of the first split screen in the Nixon-Kennedy debates4.
1961--- The first telecommunications satellite was launched by NASA to transmit the radio signals2.
1968--- US space capsule Apollo 7 sent the first live network transmission of television images.
1972--- The first transmission of space television signal is received by the color TV2
1973--- There is regular television broadcasting service in 96 countries2.

Phylogeny of television
Although television is a non-living organism, its evolution process can be also represented as a phylogeny.

Variations among television
The variations of different
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