The Existence Of Crop Circles

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Crop circles are strange shapes in crops that people believed where UFOs landed, or the work of Earth’s Power. There are many theories on the circles, but the only proven explanation is humans.

Crop circles are patterns that appear in fields. These crop circles are normally made by flattening any crop. The most commonly flattened crop is cereal, but the crops have varied from tobacco, wheat, barley, rice paddies, or even wild grass. Crop circles have happened so recently, that they have become an everyday thing. There really isn’t a true answer who made them. The first reporting of a crop circle was in a small town near Tully, Australia. In 1966, a farmer claimed to see a saucer lift up from that area and leave strange circles of flattened
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The only question is who, or what made them? One of the most popular theories is aliens, considering how perfectly made the circles are. They believe some of our most fascinating mysteries (Stonehenge, pyramids, etc.) were simply the doodles of aliens. They claim we didn’t have the materials to build the pyramids, strength to create Stonehenge, etc. The only controversy to that is the lack of proof. There is no proof for aliens creating crop circles or other mysteries. Another theory is called “ley lines,” scientifically unidentifiable energy fields. This theory was quickly shut down, simply because of how absurd it is. There is little to no proof of the “ley lines,” or how they create the…show more content…
They claimed that they did most, but inspired other copycat pranks. While that ended some theories people had, others didn’t believe them. Crop circles have become more elaborate over the years, so it’s easy to tell hoaxers are getting better at their craft. Crop circles have come from a mystic mystery, to an art. People are now being hired to make crop circles as advertisements for big corporations, and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems to be researchers have stopped pondering why they are here and accepted them as the work of art they are. Crop circles will most likely continue to pop up, and so will different theories. Although there are some reasonable theories, many people will simply believe their idea on how crop circles are made. One thing is for sure; they will be an art for years to
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