The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

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Many people in America know of the historical expedition of Lewis and Clark, but only a few know of the expedition to California led by Jedediah Smith. This expedition took place after Thomas Jefferson signed the papers to acquire a huge region in the west through the Louisiana Purchase. After this expansion many people were eager to explore the west and among those was Jedediah Smith. From his childhood, Smith dreamed one day of exploring the unknown west part of the United States. He once said, "I wanted to be the first to view a country on which the eyes of a white man had never gazed and to follow the course of rivers that run through a new land." In 1824, Jedediah Smith began formulating his famous California expedition that…show more content…
In Jedediah Smith’s Journals, smith talks about one encounter with the Indians that resulted in a dead horse. One morning smith woke up and Indain told them that some Indians killed and ate one of his horses. Throughout the trip Smith’s party was at risk for dehydration because they had to cross deserts, where there was not water for a long time. Jedediah Smith explains in his journals that one time, his guides told the him and his party that they were a multiple days of travel away from the next water source. Because of the length away from the next source of water, Smith decided to and wait till the sun went down and travel at night. Also traveling through the desert the party had to combat the lack of food. To combat this starvation the Smith’s men had to pack three horse loads of meat. The trip to California would have never been successful if it was not for the men’s ability to push through the tough times to reach the common goal of the group. Throughout this trip, the explorers kept running out of water. Another important aspect to the success of the trip to California was the help from the Native Americans. When Smith and his men were going through great basin they were fighting starvation. The resources that kept them alive was given to them by the Paiute Indians. These resources included much needed food. Also, when Smith’s party was running out of supplies in
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